Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lilith's Corset From Hercules

This is a Great piece of clothing!!! This was worn by Susan Brady who played the character Lilith in Hercules Season 5 ep The Academy and in Hercules Season 6 ep A Wicked Good Time. This corset is made out of soft leather and heavy red beads. Such craftmanship this is!!! New Zealand wardrobe crew are simply amazing!!! Love this piece!! Check out the screen grabs to get a better look of it in Action!! :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Amazon Bird Sword

Here is a Beautiful sword that was shown in numerous Xena episodes being used by non other than the Awesome Amazons!!! This sword is resin and has some ware from being used on set. I do not know who used this exact weapon but it would be great to find out!! Truly Amazing piece to own and it is displayed nicely above my Amazon Mask. Sweet!!! :-)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cyane's Amazon Tiki Sword

Here is my Beautiful Cyane Amazon Tiki Sword!! I have been wanting one of these swords for a long time and I was finally able to get one. I was lucky enough to meet Victoria Pratt and she was just a Fantastic person and I am loving that I have a sword that was possibly used by her!! The sword is made of hard heavy rubber and has Awesome detail to the hilt. Just incrediable craftsmanship!!! I spotted it being used in Xena season 4 episodes "Adventures In The Sin Trade part 1 & 2" What an Awesome piece to have in my collection!! Thanks Tedra!! :-)

Amazon Arrow Cyane's Tribe from Young Hercules

Here is a Beautiful arrow that was used in Young Hercules by Cyane's Amazon Tribe. It has amazing detail and awesome colors!!! I spotted this arrow in episode Battle Lines part 1 & 2. Awesome!! :-)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Amazon Whacker

Here is my Amazon Whacker that was spotted in Xena Season 5 ep "Lifeblood" being used by the first Amazon's and when the first Cyane was introduced. The Amazon to the left of Claudia Black is holding it. Very large and Awesome prop. It is made of hard foam and resin. And is actually pretty light in weight.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Amazon Mask

Shown here is a Beautiful mask worn by the Amazons. I spotted my mask in Xena Season 4 episode "Endgame". It is made of hard but durable foam material and covered in a layer of resin for better protection. It has red, black and purplish colored feathers and a VERY long train of purple & blue/black rafia. Simply Gorgeous!!! I purchased this from a seller/friend in New Zealand and it turns out that the names inside the mask matched two Continuity Photos that my very good friend Barbie owned. She allowed me the chance to purchase these two photos from her so that it could be a special Coming Home event for these items. You can see the continuity photos in my Behind The Scenes section. It has been unheard of in the prop collecting community that a photo and a prop would find their way back to each other but Luck was on my side and I am very happy to be probably the first collector for this to happen to. A truly unforgettable experience. So Many Many Thanks to my friends for giving me this small miracle.

I was also told that these masks were resued so that Ren Pic could save money and as to date I have spotted my mask in 3 other episodes. Xena Season 1 episode "Hooves and Harlots" worn by Terreis, Xena Season 2 "The Quest" & Hercules Season 4 episode "Prodigal Sister". I have added screen caps for all the episodes I have found my mask in as well. So I hope you enjoyed this entry cause I sured LOVED doing it!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Artemis High Amazon Guard Leather Knee Pads

These beautiful knee pads were worn by the Goddess Artemis's High Amazon Guards. They were spotted in Xena Season 5 episode "Eternal Bonds" I also attached a shot of my knee pads. My hamster Autolycus couldn't resist stepping into the spotlight.

Very cool item!!!